Sunny weekend, stormy Monday - - Jackson, MS

Sunny weekend, stormy Monday

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We are reaping the benefits of being under a stubborn and slow moving high pressure system, that may linger in our area for the entire weekend. This afternoon expect sunshine and temps will climb into the mid 70s.

Above normal temps may be the case for the entire weekend as well. Winds will push from the southeast at 10-15 mph.

Tonight we'll stay mainly clear, for the most part. Please keep in mind that we'll see a dramatic drop in temps, but winds will push from the south/southeast, keeping it mild.

Mostly clear skies during the majority of the evening hours, that due to the high pressure system staying in place.

Saturday and the rest of the weekend, it will be simply the best recreational sunshine you could ever ask for. Temps will be in the mid 70s and winds from the south at 10-15mph.

Monday is the due date for the stormy weather. We could see some severe storms in the early morning and pre-dawn hours.

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