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Pearl burglary problem

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Pearl resident says he has been hit repeatedly by burglars in his neighborhood. Five thefts in the last six months have forced him to take extreme measures.

Nathan Rine says he's lost over $1,200.00 worth of items to burglars at his Boston Road home in Pearl. Rine says,"It's random stuff they can stick in cars; fishing poles weed eaters,"said Rine.

Rine's storage room, and carport cleaned out several times of valuables, which the thieves had easy access to.

"We normally we keep it locked. The only time they've been taking it is when we somehow leave it unlocked," said Rine.

A sign warning trespassers that they will be shot is now warning people if they enter his yard. Rine says he's talked to police but is not pleased with their response.

Lieutenant Butch Townsend says, "Mayberry doesn't exist anymore" said Lt. Butch Townsend.  "You can't leave your car unlocked with a wallet or purse in it and not expect it to come up missing."

Rine is hoping his sign will make a difference.

"Maybe it's a little deterrent" said Rine. "I also got a game camera I've started sticking up."

Rine and his neighbors who have been burglarized too hope the thieves have struck for the last time.

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