Adoptive families celebrate togetherness at Ag Museum - - Jackson, MS

Adoptive families celebrate togetherness at Ag Museum

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Auditorium at the Ag Museum was filled with adoptive families. It was a day that was all about family.

"Well it couldn't be more important for every child to have a home, for every child to have a family that loves them, nurtures them and protects the and that's why we do this every year," said Sue Cherney, Executive Director of SCSCY.

Margie Shelton is with the Department of Human Services. She says DHS works tirelessly to find the best home for children waiting for permanent families. 

"There's no child out there who can survive without a family and right now we have around 150 children that are not connected to a permanent family and without somebody stepping forward, they will be facing this whole world by themselves when they age out of foster care. There's nothing more important than wrapping your arms around one of these kids and helping them through the rest of their lives," added Shelton, Adoption Unit Director with DHS.

A special award was introduced this year. Christopher Cherney retired from Mississippi Children's Home Services. The Heart for Adoption Award, named in his honor will be presented annually to recognize others who make significant contributions to children and families through adoption. 

"I didn't have a chance. Both my parents were social workers and that's all they talked about at dinner," said Cherney.

At least 500 children are now in state custody waiting to be adopted.

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