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Here come cold, clammy and cloudy conditions

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A great deal of our rain and bad weather will be out of the way by the time the commute time rolls around, but there's still a problem on the roads. Because of the winds and rain ripping through the fall cool trees, a good amount of leaves are on the roads.

This combination is going to make for a surprising slick road, so patience is crucial for this morning. Expect conditions to stay on the cool side today, expect a high just under 60 degrees. Winds will be north at 5-10 mph.

Tonight the clouds will clear out quickly, making for a clear night. The cold front and it's effects will be in 'full' effect as temps will drop to freezing, or slightly below.

Winds will also continue to push from the north for today, making a chilly night feel colder. Temps will drop to the mid to lower 30s.

Tuesday we'll start off with a serious chill in the air, beginning near freezing with the wind chill factor at the very least. Mostly sunny skies are expected and we'll warm up by 30 degrees.

However, that will still keep us well below the norm for this time of the year, so bundle up the kids and grab a sweater/jacket for yourself.

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