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Claiborne Co. family: 16 rounds shot into house, no one arrested

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CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Claiborne County family is thankful to be alive.

Felicia Lucas says two gunmen unloaded their weapons into her home Tuesday. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the Lucas family is now concerned the shooters are still out there.

"We all laid down, face flat, we had 16 rounds shot into the house," Lucas said. 

Lucas discovered her home was riddled with bullets from two separate gunmen. One bullet is still lodged in the refrigerator at the back of the home.

"We went outside the next morning and did our own investigation when the sheriff and the officer were here, we found 8 more casings outside and a picture ID from Alcorn University," Lucas said.

She was hoping that ID would lead to a quick arrest of the shooters, but Lucas claims county investigators have put the shooting on the back burner.

"Nothing is being done for my case period, they have not been back over here to even check on my family," Lucas said

Claiborne County Sheriff Marvin Lucas says the ID is being checked out, but it's not enough to hang a shooting into an occupied dwelling charge, onto whoever owns it.

"I'm just wondering 16 rounds it's an occupied dwelling we got kids, I just want to know what other proof I need," Lucas said.

County officials say the shooting is still under investigation, and if the Lucas family knows who shot up their home, they need to tell investigators and file charges in Justice Court.

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