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Woman shares her story after boyfriend allegedly drags her behind truck


Twylla Roderick says it was a painful ordeal she can't believe she survived.

Her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Lee Dye now faces assault charges for allegedly dragging her behind his truck after a fight over her cell phone.

He was arrest by Scott County Deputies Friday afternoon.

Now Roderick says she wants to tell her story, in the hope it may save another woman's life.

"I look like something out of a scary movie now," said Roderick.

She says she's bruised and battered, but determined to come back strong.

"It all happened so quick, I don't remember parts of it but some of it I can't forget," said Roderick.

It all happened almost two weeks ago on Cape Girardeau's Bloomfield Street in broad day light.

"The worst part was to the face," said Roderick. "I have bleeding on the brain. The bruise on my eye was double that size my whole eye was swollen shut."

She says the emotional pain is just as scarring as the physical injuries.

"I ask myself how come it happened to me? Why wasn't I good enough. What did I do?"

She says she was texting as she walked down Bloomfield when Dye pulled up in his truck. He asked her who she was texting, he didn't like the answer. He demanded she give him the phone. Roderick says she refused, and they started fighting.

"He ended up with the phone in his toolbox and I went to get it. We struggled and started fighting. He took off with me hanging on to the truck at a high rate of speed," said Roderick.

She says she held on with all she had.

"He yelled obscenities at me," said Roderick. "The next thing I know I woke up in the emergency room with multiple injuries. He just left me there. He didn't even check to see if I was dead or alive."

Roderick says she had been in love with Dye for 18 years. Several months ago she says the abuse began and she broke it off.

"It got to where I couldn't take the abuse anymore," said Roderick.

She says she may be left with mounting bills, bruises and a battered soul , but she still has her dignity.

She hopes sharing her story could help save another woman's life.

"If they put their hands on you they don't love you," said Roderick. "If there are any women out there going through any abusive relationship please take this to heart and get out while you can. Don't let the last words you say don't let it be 'help'."

Friends and family are in the process of setting up a fund for Roderick at U.S. Bank in Cape Girardeau to help pay for nearly $40,000 in medical bills.

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