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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Dilapidated Lampton Avenue Home

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A WLBT viewer sent an email, with pictures attached, of a dilapidated house in the neighborhood.

It's located on 3412 Lampton Avenue between Eminence Row and Hume.

The emailer called the house a disgrace, a death trap, a health hazard and public nuisance among other things.

He said he has not gotten any help from the city of Jackson, that's why he emailed 3 on Your Side.

I checked it out in Monday night's Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

What we saw when we checked out the emailer's complaint about 3412 Lampton Avenue was no exaggeration. The structure is so dilapidated, it's a wonder it's still standing; bricks have been stripped away from the façade and trash, including empty alcohol bottles and clippings from trees and shrubs have been dumped on the overgrown lot.

It's a constant concern for Sammie Robinson, who lives two houses away.

Robinson said, "doors been boarded, but there's various times I had to even go in and have the kids to stop playing inside."

It's a health hazard and eyesore Robinson says he's complained about for at least six years now; going through the proper channels.

"Call down to the city. You need to call this department. You need to do this; do that. I didn't have a problem. I did everything that was possible; everything that was required, so I knew for a fact the problem didn't lie on me, it lied with them; the city of Jackson."

Robinson and his neighbors say they are proud to pay their taxes and they do their part to keep their property tidy, but it makes little difference with something like this is in the neighborhood.

Robinson said, "It's something that needs to be, main eyesore, something taken care of. Needs to be torn down."

We checked the Hinds County tax rolls and found the last owners of the property were Lee R. and Minnie Truss in 2005.

Robinson hopes someone will step up and do something about 3412 Lampton Avenue once and for all.

"I'm very thankful that you took the time to come out and to interview me in reference to this and I feel like as a result now, that we'll get something done," said Robinson.

I called city of Jackson spokesperson, Quita Bride about 3412 Lampton Avenue. She told me a new grass and weeds case was started on the property last week by the city's community improvement division.

Bride says they are trying to identify the owners to tell them about the violations and give them the required 15 days to correct the violations.

If the city has to clean the property, the owner will be fined and billed for the cleanup.

Bride says grass and weeds cases had been opened and closed on that property in 1999 and 2001.

We'll keep you posted.

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