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Apple laptops purchased for all Clinton teachers

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Bryce Yelverton teaches math at Clinton High School. He records each class on a webcam, then uploads the video to his Macbook Pro. The students can access the videos online at home.

"Some students, instead of asking me a question, they'll go and watch the video instead just to hear me say it again," Yelverton says.

Any teacher at any Clinton school can do it, because the district bought a Macbook Pro for every teacher.

District Technology Director Kameron Bell says it's the third week of implementation.

"Got a great deal on them, working with Apple because we bought at a bulk rate. We went through a four-year lease purchase program," she says.

During class, teachers can use the Macbooks to do a number of tasks, including quick research, or showing students geometric figures in 3D. The district is also making use of Twitter.

"We can post assignments on Twitter. We also have websites with the school, each teacher has a website. I post my lesson plans and also my announcements imperative for parents to know, as well as students," Yelverton says.

And there's more in the works for this District. It's possible that iPads will be purchased in bulk in the near future, and assigned to each student.

"They would be grade specific, subject specific software applications to help the student while they're in the classroom," Ball says.

"We really are taking the initiative to step out onto new ground that no one else in the state of Mississippi is doing, that very few districts across the nation are doing," Yelverton says.

At the end of Christmas break, teachers will take part in a seminar to learn how to best implement the Macbooks in their classrooms.

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