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Foreclosure help coming to a city near you

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Owning a home in Mississippi may be on the rebound but there's still plenty of folks across the state who are dealing either with the threat of loosing their home or the fact they've already lost it.

Attorney General Jim Hood says some of that is actually preventable and he's trying to put financial assistance into the hands of those who deserve it.

"There are millions for people to tap into that may have been taken advantage of and don't even know it," said Hood.

To help, Hood created the Mississippi Foreclosure Prevention Consortium back in July. Now, through town hall type meetings, he's taking it on the road during the next few weeks to try and reach folks who are battling foreclosure issues.

"We want people to come if they just have trouble on foreclosure issues, just generally," said Hood.

Set up through a multi-million dollar national mortgage settlement, the program is for homeowners who were subjected to mortgage fraud and abuse. Partnerships between state agencies, non-profit groups and community organizations make up it up. Phaedra Robinson at the Mississippi Center for Justice is part of it.

"We wanted to go into those communities that are being most affected by foreclosure and let them know that help is available," said Robinson.

Even if folks don't qualify for financial assistance, they can still get free legal and homeowner counseling. Those involved say it's a way to keep the doors open for home ownership.

"If you are in fact behind on your mortgage or foresee that you might fall behind then you are the people that we are coming to help," said Robinson.

Anyone planning to seek assistance is asked to bring mortgage and banking documents.

For assistance through the Mississippi Foreclosure Prevention Consortium, please contact the hotline at 1-866-530-9572.

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