Crashed plane reported engine problems - - Jackson, MS

Crashed plane reported engine problems

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are now in Jackson investigating the crash. Paul Cox, who is charge of the NFSB investigation, confirmed the plane had engine trouble.  

"The FAA did say the pilot did report an engine problem," Cox said. "I do not know the extent of the engine problem."

The woman who lives across the street from the house the airplane hit, Shirley Taylor, was witnessed the airplane turning back for Hawkins Field before it went down.

"The blast kind of shattered across the street toward the house," said Shirley Taylor. "Things like that don't happen this close to home. Things like that happen in the movies. This is too close."

Taylor says the airplane was headed back to Hawkins Field when it just dropped out of the sky and fell.

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