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Wednesday's Child Success Story- Chloe

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Every adoption story is different. This week we meet 3 and a half year old Chloe and her mother Mandy. Chloe has been with her mother since she was six weeks old. She shares their amazing journey on Wednesday's Child.

Chloe loves being in the kitchen. At the Mississippi Children's Museum she could not resist whipping up a meal. Her mother Mandy says she loves sharing their adoption story.

"I was just at a point in my life where I was ready to be a parent and it wasn't happening biologically and so I was you know, I was just ready to do that so, I had to decide was it important for me to bear a child or was it important to be a parent,  and this was the choice I made", said Mandy.

Mandy says she bumped into Chloe's birth mother. She says at first it was uncomfortable but now Chloe does have visits with her.

"She does see her birth mother every few months. Can I go cook now? Just a minute baby. So she knows who her birth mother is, she knows that she grew in her belly and that she came and stayed with me. I don't think she fully comprehends it, but she does you know, get to see her biological family", Mandy said.

Mandy says it is important to consider adoption.

"Everything is different you know, just everything. Every aspect of my, every decision I make is you know, how is that going to effect her", said Mandy.

"And what do you like to cook? Well most of all I like cooking fruits. Fruits? So do you help your Mommy in the kitchen? Yes. And is that always fun? Yes", Chloe said.

"What has been the greatest part for you in being a parent, being a mom? You know I thought it was going to be being able to love on her but actually getting her love back, I never understood that. And its just been so wonderful you know to be her mom. Huh! Yes that's right", said Chloe.

To learn more about adoption and children waiting for their forever family, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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