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More bus safety education needed to keep children safe

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In light of Friday's school bus accident in Jackson, safety advocates say there must be more education to keep children safe.

I spoke with the founders of Nathan's Legacy Foundation, Andy and Lori Key.

They lost their son, Nathan, after he was hit by a car that passed a school bus. After losing their son Nathan in 2009, Andy and Lori Key now visit families whose children have been hit while loading or unloading a school bus.

"I can go to another parent, another mother, and they know that I understand the emotions and the feelings that they are having. And regardless of how they're feeling at that moment, if they need to scream or cry or laugh that I can understand what they are going through. I've been there," said Key.

Jackson Police are still investigating Friday's school bus accident, where four year-old Nadya Slocum eventually lost her foot. Lori Key says the incident highlights the need for more education for bus drivers, schools, parents, and children.

"We must get off, walk out in front of our bus ten feet, stop and wait for a hand signal from our bus driver to begin cross the street. We stop again and wait for our bus driver to give us a second signal telling us it is ok," Key added.

The couple established Nathan's legacy foundation in order to spread the word about loading and unloading school bus safety. They've traveled the state this year to talk with children. October was national school bus safety month.

"We have been to Desoto, Mississippi, Lamar County, as well as Gary Road Elementary School this year, actually training students on this year's national theme; "I can see the driver. The driver sees me," Key said.

It's a mission they'll continue, ensuring Nathan and the law named in his memory is carried out.

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