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6 arrested after 91 year old's house burglarized

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Ninety-one-year-old James Champion didn't mince words when asked what he would have done to the young men accused of breaking into his home had he been there.

"They'd died a dead death. It would have taken six or eight people to haul them out, they'd had so much lead in them," said the veteran shortly after the crime.

Champion has lived in the 1,100 block of McDowell Circle for nearly 60 years and he's tired of the burglaries in his neighborhood

"That's the fourth time we've been robbed in the last three months. Outside stuff been stolen. Police been responding, they've been tryin'," Champion said.

"In Precinct 1 we have shown a marked decreased in the number of house burglaries that occur in this area. However, it's also known that when incidents of this nature, speaking of house burglaries, occur we have a very high rate of arrest," said Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman.

Two rifles, a shotgun, three hand guns, and several rounds of ammunition were recovered after three adults and three juveniles were arrested shortly after the burglary Monday morning.

The juveniles are ages 13, 14 and 15. 

"They got no respect for anything or anybody. They've been stealing all up and down this street," Champion said.

The young men were arrested after police quickly canvassed the area. 

Several of those arrested only lived a few houses down from Champion.

"It's just these neighborhood thugs around here that move in and move out that's doing it," Champion said.

Police are investigating whether the burglary at Champion's home and the items recovered are related to other break-ins in the neighborhood.

Jackson police say homeowners can call headquarters and request a home security survey, that could help prevent burglaries.

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