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Normal Today...Then NOT Tomorrow...

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Early morning mild weather will add to the possibility of some fog in the morning; typical temps are still expected in the afternoon hours. Scattered clouds for today will combine with temps in the mid to upper 60s. And the have already shifted, pushing out of the NW 10-15 mph. Cold air will  move into our area by late this afternoon.

Tonight we shall have a visit from 'Jack Frost' personally in the deep south; and he's going to be around for the entire weekend. Temps will drop into the lower 30s and winds staying light. Freeze advisories will be throughout the south and southeast portions of the state.

Tomorrow the sunshine will be a sham; cold weather will accompany what will look like a warm day. Nothing could be farther from the truth at sunshine will be in abundance, but so will much lower temps. Expect highs in the lower 50s, then dropping to the 20s overnight. So be sure to pull out your winter coats!


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