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Walt's Look Around: The Old Home Place

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I don't exactly know when a house turns into "the old home place." Some never do. I suppose most never do. They just go on being houses, as one family moves out and another one moves in. But go back a few generations, and especially where a house was tied to some land, like a farm for instance, and it tended to stay in the same family for long periods of time and memorable events happened in it.

Caroline Perry: My father was the first person born in this house.

Walt: This old house is a hundred years old, now. Built by some of these folks grandfather, or great grandfather, depending on the generation. And it had running water. Just get the bucket and run out to the well on the porch and draw some. That on-the-porch well was off limits for the youngsters, naturally. And things like the well become sharp focal points for later memories.

Charlie Curtis: We could only, we could not get past these two posts. Even when we went and looked at it while ago I kind of snuck up to it. Walked up gingerly to it.

Walt: Old houses that would become old home places later, have interesting features that were functional as one thing when they were built, but remembered later as used as something else in childhood. Used as a game or a toy.

Davis Curtis: Always getting into trouble because its got a porch all the way around the front and you could jump off one end of the porch, run around the house, jump up on the other end of the porch, run around…

Walt: No one lives here anymore. This house passed from granddaddy to an aunt to a cousin. And now another cousin is doing the kind of repairs it will take to keep it up. Doing it for the family. You may think the old house is empty. But it's fuller than many houses bursting with furniture.

Charles Curtis: The memories that this house has for all of us. The times we came at Thanksgiving and Christmas and special occasions…

Walt: Making a house a home takes lots of living they say. But for it to evolve into the old home place takes lots of memories. They kinds of memories we have the chance to make in the next few weeks, over the holidays.

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