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Kazery's Tree Farm

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Don Kazery has some 400 Christmas trees growing with 200 of them are trimmed and ready for sale.

Prices range from $30 to $140. Families enjoy coming to his farm and getting just the right tree.

He maintains these trees are just a safe as artificial trees, if you keep them watered.

"If you keep a fresh real tree, in water and keep it hydrated," Kazery said.

People have been coming out this years to select trees for a couple of weeks now, but there are plenty of trees left. The Kazerys cut their own, just for us.

Kazery says Christmas tree farming takes a lot work.

"The labor is year round, we do things, just like when the season is over, we will go and buy hundreds of seedlings, things to plant," he added.

He raises three different types of trees.

"If there is an allergy issue, the Leyland Cypress is the way to go. Blue Ice has a pine scent, and the Carolina Sapphire tree has a citrus smell," Kazery added.

To get to Kazery's Farm come out to Spring Ridge Road South, take it down to South McRaven Road, turn left and you will see it about a half a mile down on the left.

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