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Flat tire gets wheels of kindness turning in Rankin County

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Well, many of you have experienced the dread of getting stuck on the road, with a flat tire, children in the car and a useless spare.That's the scenario mom Kristy Sounthala faced Friday morning. However, after the misery of realizing she had a flat, three complete strangers helped Sounthala out on the road.

Sounthala's car was taken to the Tire Depot on Old Fannin Road where several good Samaritans pitched in and paid for the mom to get a brand set of tires. Tire Depot also took care of a new battery for Sounthala and auto technician Eric Johnson paid for her oil change and a new air filter.

"I just want everyone to know I appreciate everything everybody did because it was just unbelievably kind," Sounthala told WLBT News.

Tire Depot owner Jeff Wall said he "was reminded that there are still some good folks left out there."

"It's not at all uncommon in Mississippi and elsewhere to have someone pull over to change a flat for a woman who might need help changing it, but to actually go so far to take her to a tire store and buy all of her tires so her children are safe is almost unheard of," said Wall.

Sounthala said she didn't know she was getting more than one free tire until all of the auto work was complete. Tire Depot has also offered Sounthala an alignment for her brand new set of wheels.

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