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Pearl Family Looking for a Place to Call Home

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Wilsons are a family of nine and their mobile home is falling apart more everyday.

"I mean we're living in a disaster now," said Calvin Wilson.

They're relying on space heaters to warm the trailer. Because of that, they were forced to move their five-month-old baby girl to her grandmother's.

The six other kids are sleeping on the floor by space heaters. Calvin and Leginia say they pace the floors at night, worried the blankets will catch on fire in the small rooms. But the lack of heat is just one of many problems.

Calvin and Leginia are both on disability. Calvin lost his arm in an accident at work back in 2003.

"It hurts me everyday that I can't get out here and work and provide for my family like I'm supposed to," Wilson said.

They know these aren't ideal conditions for their kids. But they've done all they could, even putting towels around the window units to keep rain and wind out.

They also saved for six years and recently bought a brand new 2013 mobile home.

"We have went without trying to make sure we save money. Get money to have something better," said Leginia Oliver Wilson.

The Wilsons completed the application for conditional use, even had neighbors within 300 feet of them sign that they approved of the new double-wide. But city officials told them the area was rezoned for residential estates.
Because they deemed their current home as unfit, they now have until January 1, 2013 to move out.

"How can we enjoy the holidays knowing that we've got to find somewhere else to go. And go where?" said Leginia Wilson.

And they say finding someone with space for all of them seems impossible.

"I don't want to be away from my children. I want them with me. I don't want to have to separate them," Leginia Wilson said.

Mayor Brad Rogers said that while this is an unfortunate situation. It all comes down to zoning.

When the area of Rankin County where the Wilsons live was annexed by Pearl, they did a blanket zoning for residential estates. That means if families had a mobile home that was habitable, they could stay.

The problem for the Wilsons is that new mobile homes are not permitted. Also, the city has deemed their current home uninhabitable. Therefore, the likelihood of conditional use being granted is slim.

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