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Door to door salesman busted

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Rankin County Sheriff is sending a stern message to businesses who hire door to door salesmen. Get a permit or workers will be arrested. This after a Ridgeland man was charged with violating the county's transient business ordinance.

Arlo Taylor was arrested after residents on White Road near Florence complained about a man going door to door. Authorities say he was actually working for a Madison business.

Residents living in this area of Rankin county said Taylor was asking to clean carpets and come inside homes. Even going to the back door of one residence, knocking on the door.

Homeowners called the Sheriff's department with a description of the man and the brown Tahoe SUV he was driving.

"One of the main reasons this went into place, this ordinance, we had a another company from out of state that came in and was dropping individuals off selling magazines, going door to door and some of them were convicted sex offenders," said Sheriff Bryan Bailey. "We are not going to allow that to happen in Rankin County."

A business permit costs $500 dollars and requires a $5-thousand dollar cash bond. Employees who go door to door will undergo background checks before the application is approved.

Taylor's bond is set at half a million dollars. No court date has been set.

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