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Southwest Jackson homeowner frustrated by break-ins

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A southwest Jackson resident has called 3 on Your Side about home burglaries in his area. Mark Hawkins lives at 3936 Forest Hill Road and says he's been broken into three times since 2011, and twice in a week.

Two times burglars broke out the back windows of his home. Another time they broke down the back door.  

Hawkins says replacing the door has cost him a thousand dollars and fixing this window will cost more than $200.  

He has lost two guns and a 51 inch television set and is not  happy about what is happening to the area where he lives. He also doesn't believe he'll get any of this stuff back.

"Not really, not really," said Hawkins. "It's possible but I am not holding my breath on it."

He says southwest Jackson used to be a good place to live, but no longer.  

"I am just fed up and sick of it," added Hawkins. "I am sick of all the crime in south Jackson.  It's just no longer at all what it used to be."

Police say they are working on the cases but have not yet made any arrests. Any information from the public is welcome.

Hawkins says he has a security system and the motion detector went off on the last break in. But he works ten miles away and the burglars were gone by the time he got home.

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