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Midtown's art district hopes to grow, bring families back

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Music in Midtown echos through the streets while residents browse artistic creations in the Jackson neighborhood.

Kristen Allen always knew she wanted to be an artist.

"It's in my blood. It's in my veins, it's like electricity. When I pick up my brush, it's just a feeling that you get and I can't explain it. But hopefully it comes through in my art," said Allen.

The second annual Midtown Holiday Studio Tours gives residents a chance to look through renovated shops in the growing art district.

"We are trying to get the neighborhood involved as much as possible in entrepreneurship, but beyond that we have all of these businesses already located down here who are able to sell their wares, sell their goods for prices that they can live on," said Chairman of Midtown Holiday Studio Tours Paul Purser.

Glass works, paintings, and jewelry are just pieces of creativity being found in Midtown.

Artists provide a unique flare to the community. Many Midtown residents are hoping their efforts through festivals and new businesses can attract more people to live in the community.

"We want Midtown to be an example for the city of Jackson and how they city can grow and bring families back into the city," explained Midtown Partners Incorporated Director of Community and Economic Development Mary Elizabeth Evans.

"We want to start a revival, not just an art revival but also a revival of people of people just coming back to the urban areas all over this country but especially Jackson," said Purser.

The Business Association of Midtown hosted the Thursday evening event.

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