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Fondren robbery/struggle caught on camera

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Social media and vigilant neighboring businesses are helping a Fondren store manager who was sprayed with bleach during a robbery. The daring struggle with his attacker was caught on video.

The camera outside Rooster's Restaurant on State Street captured the dramatic video of the struggle.

Restaurant owner Nathan Glenn is surprised by the strange holdup but glad his camera was there.

"I couldn't believe it, I've been there 10 years inside the building and nothing like this kinda happened," said Glenn.

The business is located next door to Swell-O-Phonic's which was robbed Friday shortly after their six p.m. closing time.

The store manager, who did not want to be identified, said a man in a black jacket and gray and black Chicago Bulls knit cap sprayed him in the face with Clorox cleanser before grabbing the night deposit from his pocket.

He followed the thief outside and tried to prevent him from leaving.

"I got the little scuffle right outside the door when the young gentleman got attacked, actually chasing the guy was trying to get his money back. Later I said 'Don't chase them. Just give them the money you know and be safe'," said Glenn.

Another man was also involved in the robbery.

The manager said the he who wore a gray shirt and Cleveland Cavaliers baseball cap also pushed him into a wall.

Swell-O-Phonics posted pictures of the two men on their Facebook page.

The store worker said the two cased the store before the attack and robbery.

Dozens of Facebook followers logged on to help identify the suspects.

"He got on Facebook and social media he said he didn't sleep all night long and by three or four o'clock in the morning he had gotten some phone calls from some other local guys I think from Jackson State that recognized the guys and knew they were kind of trouble makers," said the restaurant owner.

The Facebook contacts and local businesses have developed information that has been turned over to Jackson Police.

"We already had a lot of officers in the Fondren area and we've got one station in Fondren Corner with us also now and it's been a great thing, and I'm just waiting for those guys to get picked up so justice can be served," added Glenn.

The store manager said he was treated and released after being sprayed in the face and is not experiencing any vision problems at this time.

No arrests have been made.

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