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Morton residents forced out of apartment complex

MORTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

About 20 low income families in Morton have been told to pack their bags and get out of their apartment complex by Friday. They tell WLBT News they have no place to go and no money because they just paid their December rent.

Residents stood in the parking lot of Spring Lane Apartments in Morton Tuesday afternoon. Many were holding young children or crumbled eviction letters.

Most of the residents just paid their December rent, not knowing days later they would receive an eviction notice from Fickling and Company, the management company of the complex located in Macon, Ga.

Several worried residents expressed fears of not having a home come the end of the week.

"Nowhere, cause I ain't got nowhere to go. We went [to the office] Saturday when they put the letter out and there is no where to go," expressed one frustrated resident.

The challenge the Spring Lane Apartment residents face is most of the houses in Morton are for sale, not for rent.

One woman is worried her family has no place to turn. She has lived at the complex for three years and says they have paid rent on time every month. Cliseida Rodriguez says the property manager gave her and her family a short, but clear message.

" 'I need you to move out of the apartment Friday'," was the message Rodriguez said she received. "I said 'I'm looking for apartments in Morton', [but] nothing's for rent around here."

With nowhere to turn, these apartment renters say they feel helpless and alone this holiday season. Larhonda Jones has lived in the complex for 11 years.

"This comes right at the Christmas season. Yes, at Christmas and they don't care. It's not their problem. They still want us to go...they didn't give us a time limit to find somewhere to go. They just said they want us out immediately," states Jones. 

Fickling and Company says they are closing the apartments because of deteriorating conditions. All electrical units have been removed from unit D. Residents fear property owners will cut off the water next.

A letter dated Nov. 30 to residents says the decision to close Spring Lane Apartments was a difficult one, but necessary due to the deteriorated condition of the community. The management company apologizes for the inconvenience but also stated they appreciated residents' prompt attention and cooperation.

WLBT News attempted to reach the management company in Georgia, but that call was not returned.

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