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Workshop focuses on Mississippi's wild hog problem

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Wild hogs are a nuisance and widespread not only throughout North America, but in Mississippi. The pigs threat to agriculture is extreme and growing. That's one of the reasons biologists and educators from Mississippi State University and other entities held the Wild Hog Management Workshop Tuesday in Raymond.  

The 'build it yourself' wooden trap door opening into a round pin, educators said, is the most controlled and effective way to trap a 200 pound wild hog.      

"This is a commercial manufactured door," said USDA Wildlife Services District Supervisor Scott Alls. "This door here works just as well. It's just a little more expensive than what you can build and the pigs will trigger the door usually by trip wire."  

Alls said the objective is to fill the inside of the trap with feed, luring in the hog.  

"When the pigs come in they start eating feed and working their way around," said Alls. "And it lets more pigs in. They will be nose to tail when they come in and start eating. What you want is to get all the feed eat in the front of the trap and the trigger is the last place they'll find feed and somebody will trip it and you'll get multiple caught."  

During the workshop more than 100 landowners and agricultural producers packed the room listening to Mississippi State University Biologist Dr. Bronson Strickland talk about the damage hogs can create.  

"They have the ability to root underground so they dig stuff up and of course they leave holes in the ground behind and so they consume the plant matter like soy beans, corn or peanuts. But, they also damage the field," said Dr. Strickland.  

From Longleaf pines to hardwood trees, Bronson said wild hogs create $1.5 billion dollars worth of damage to the United States each year.

To help put a dent in the economic damage Mississippi faces, Alls said the USDA will help landowners manage the problem.  

"We provide a lot of technical assistance where we help the land owner and show them how to build the trap, give them ideas," said Alls.    

If you have a problem with wild hogs in your area, click here for more information.  

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