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Flu vaccination urged statewide

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

People are flooding doctor's offices in numerous states, including Mississippi, with flu-like symptoms.

"The chest pain, the body aches, it hurts. I just can't get comfortable," patient Aimee Bartis says.

Bartis is also complaining of chest pain when she coughs. She has tested positive for influenza type A.

After a mild flu season last year, the Centers for Disease Control warns flu season is off to an early start this year, and physicians in Mississippi are seeing flu patients a month before normal.

Your best protection against the flu is to get the flu vaccine. People in Mississippi are advised to get it now, if they haven't already.

"If you catch the flu, you will be down for the count for at least a week. That means kids can't go to day care, they can't go to school, you probably can't go to work," says Dr. Ryan Shelton with Carolinas Health Systems.

Across the country, 112-million people have been vaccinated. And there's plenty of vaccine, which appears to be a good match for this particular strain of flu.

But Bartis did get her vaccine. So why did she get the flu?

Doctors caution it normally takes two weeks after you've received the vaccine for the immunity to kick in. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Flu symptoms typically include fever, severe aches, coughing, runny nose and congestion.

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