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Flu arriving early in Jackson metro area

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As any doctor will tell you, the flu needs to be treated at the onset of symptoms, otherwise medications like Tamiflu will not be effective.

Just ask Ben Hill of Madison. He began feeling symptoms on Thanksgiving, ignored them, then ended up in the hospital for three days.

"For the first two days I was hooked to an IV," he says. "My joints ached, I was tired, I'd be hot one minute, cold the next. I just never could quite get comfortable. A lot of cold-like symptoms. Basically just a cold on steroids."

Lots of coughing and exhaustion too, Hill says.

"This was actually the first year I hadn't had the flu shot, so definitely I learned my lesson this time," he tells us. "Get the flu shot, definitely."

That advice is echoed by Dr. Timothy Quinn in Ridgeland. He's seen four cases of the flu this week alone; three adults and one child.

"It's just running rampant right now," he says.

Dr. Quinn says his office is well-stocked with the flu vaccine. He says the flu has struck Mississippi and other states about a month before normal this year, and it's not picking and choosing its victims.

Dr. Quinn reminds us, the flu vaccine is no guarantee you won't get the virus, and it takes two weeks for the vaccine to become effective in your system. 

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