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Pearl family responds to kindness of strangers

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Wilson's are a family of nine living in a dilapidated trailer in Pearl. They saved for years to buy a new trailer.

Now that they've bought it, the city of Pearl says the area has been rezoned for residential estates only. Therefore, they are not allowed to put the new trailer on the property they own.

Furthermore, the family was told their current trailer is unfit and they must get out by January first.

But they have some renewed hope this holiday season.

Our Facebook page and website were flooded with comments after their story first aired.

Many of them asked others to call or email the city of Pearl and push for a change of heart from city leaders.

"We were like at the end of our rope. Didn't know what else to do. So just to hear that people are concerned, it means a lot. It means a lot to us, thank you so much," Leginia Wilson said.

Calvin Wilson says it's an unexpected blessing.

"These folks did not have to contact the city of Pearl or contact you all. They didn't have to e-mail or comment on the story or anything but they did and that makes me feel like we got a fight going on and we're not going to give up," Calvin Wilson said.

They know they may not be able to stay here on their land, but they're keeping an open mind about where to go or what to do next. They're also trying to put on a happy face this Christmas.

"But it's hard to be that way knowing that we carry mom and dad responsibilities of what are we going to do. So we try to keep it from the kids," Leginia said.

Still, space heaters and deteriorating conditions make it tough to stay merry.

"To see them coming in here to open up their Christmas present in jackets and coats and blankets wrapped around them, that's hard. That's real hard," Wilson said.

One viewer even offered her home to the Wilson's for Christmas.

"You know I'm overwhelmed that she did that. She invited us to stay in her home and she leave her home. So that's to leave people in your home you know nothing about. Wow, that's big!" Leginia said.

Because two of their kids have jobs, they won't be able to accept the offer but are still surprised and grateful for the compassion of strangers.

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