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Walt's Look Around: Christmas in Old London

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some people may dream of a white Christmas, but others imagine an old fashioned Christmas.

Well, one couple in Jackson is transported back to Christmas time in old London in Charles Dickens' age, every time they go upstairs.

I love these collections of Christmas Villages. This particular one that Sara and Rhea Reilly of Jackson have is the Dickens Village, depicting London in the time of Charles Dickens, the author of so many English literary classics, the most popular of which has to be A Christmas Carol where Ebenezer Scrooge discovers the spirit of Christmas. Well, that story is the inspiration behind the homes and shops and churches and other structures in this Christmas setting that Sara and Rhea have been collecting and putting together for years. And it all started almost by accident while husband Rhea was participating in another of his long-standing hobbies, going to garage sales, and found their first piece.

Sara: And he bought it for three dollars. And he thought he would use it in target practice. And then this friend of ours who had pushed me for years to please start collecting said I'm going home and get my book. And it was worth like $450 dollars in the book at retail back then.

Walt: So Rhea and Sara rethought their acquisition and decided, why not? Let it be a quest. Find as many as they can of the Dickens Village pieces and put them into a display of some sort. Until now, they have this in an upstairs room in their house. And any time they want to travel to Merry Olde England and travel back in time, all they have to do is come upstairs and turn off the overhead light and turn on the village and sit and put themselves in there somewhere.

Rhea: I come up here and I can just sit here and listen to the windmill turn, and the waterfall operate. Or the dancers are dancing in Fezziwig's Warehouse, and having the trains going. It's just relaxing.

Walt: Although the trip to Christmas in London of Charles Dickins' day is imaginary, Sara says she and Rhea have gotten something very real from this hobby.

Sara: The nicest thing about collecting is this is something we that can as a couple do. Just doing things together and learning how to work on things.

Walt: Not a bad by-product. Husbands and wives need something else in common to talk about besides the bills, even as much funs as that is. So here's to Christmas, and here's to Dickens and togetherness, and God bless us everyone!

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