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Visitors tour U.S.S. Cairo in Vicksburg

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Visitors at the Vicksburg Military Park toured the only remaining vessel of its kind Saturday night, the U.S.S. Cairo. 

The Union, self-propelled steam battleship from the Civil War hit a mine near Vicksburg, nearly destroying what some call the start of our modern Navy.

During the tour folks heard from actors portraying sailors and Vicksburg residents of the day.

The tourists could also walk next to one of the many cannons on the restored battleship during the candlelight tour.

"It wasn't just the military aspect, with the Union Navy and the Confederate Army, but you also had Confederate civilians, you had enslaved peoples in this town and the surrounding area that were deeply affected by the war and to some extent the Cairo itself," explained Vicksburg Military Park Guide Jake Koch. 

The U.S.S. Cairo sunk December 12, 1862.

The military park will hold a ceremony Wednesday (December 12th) to commemorate the anniversary.

The Cairo is a permanent display for tourists at the military park.

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