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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Updates

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This spring and summer, you asked me to check out an overgrown eyesore on 5320 Queen Eleanor Lane and a house that's not a home on 2604 Lynch Street in the Pecan Park community.

I promised to keep you posted and in this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report, a follow up, we'll see what, if anything, has been done to fix the problems

Back in July, residents of the Pecan Park neighborhood called Three On Your Side to complain about this house on Lynch Street. State representative Alyce Clarke, who lives in this community is also president of the neighborhood association.

"And then I'll have somebody call, they say, well I called the city and we still haven't had anything done about it," said Clarke.

Five months later, nothing has changed. 2604 Lynch Street still looks like a disaster waiting to happen. But there is hope.

In a reply to my inquiry about the dilapidated house, city spokesperson, Quita Bride said, 2604 Lynch Street has been inspected and written up as a demolition case by a city code enforcement officer. It is set to go before the administrative hearing officer on Thursday, December 20th.

If the property owner(s) doesn't show up to the hearing or cannot resolve the issues at 2604 Lynch Street before or in a reasonable time after the hearing, the city will take action to resolve it.

In April, you asked Three On Your Side to check out the property on 5320 Queen Eleanor Lane.

Alice Herring, a neighbor, said,

"Every time I turn the corner, I see this house and that bothers me" said Alice Herring, a neighbor.

Good news for Alice Herring and others in The Queens neighborhood; 5320 Queen Eleanor Lane has been purchased by Gloria West in care of helping hands housing. It has been cleared of overgrowth and debris and appears to be in the early stages of rehabilitation.

"I called Three On Your Side because I know you all get some action going," said Herring. "You get the job done and I thank God for y'all."

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