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Christmas present at the pump

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BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

More affordable fuel could not have come at a better time for folks about to hit the road for the Christmas holiday.  Drivers lined up at the Kroger gas station in Brandon to get regular unleaded gas for $2.81.

According to Jackson gas prices page on, Kroger had some of the cheapest gas in the metro area, second only to the Kangaroo filling station down the road on W. Government St.

Drivers like Bill Boggan were topping off their tanks but not banking on the price coming down any more.

"Probably not, we're probably as-far-down-as we're going to get," Boggan said.  "I mean it may go down a few pennies, but I don't think it's going to go down much further."

Boggan actually managed to bring his price per gallon down more than a few pennies.  He has racked up so many Krogers Plus points, so he was filling up for $0.81 a gallon.

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