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Point of View: Christmas storms

It's not like the Christmas storms just appeared from nowhere. We had been talking about this impending weather event for nearly a week and the wind, rain, and potential flooding that was going to happen. And it did happen.

Residents saw the damage of what more than three inches of rain can do across Pearl and Jackson. Clogged storm drains were everywhere. What wasn't everywhere were city work crews, and residents took full notice.

"They say they will do a work order, but nothing ever happens, nothing ever happens. It really ticks me off. My neighbor and I were here with shovels, trying to get the leaves out of here," stated Pearl resident Amanda Port.

"They told us they got one truck that's riding around the city doing city work today out of this whole big city. And I'm like, 'one truck?'," questions Timothy Young of Jackson.

Did Pearl and Jackson city officials drop the ball or did residents not do enough on their end as the mayors suggested? We may know the answer to that question after next year's city elections. That's my point of view.

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