Cloudy Today, Storms Tonight & Cold On The Way - - Jackson, MS

Cloudy day, stormy night and cold temps

As you step out the door Monday morning, expect mild temperatures with plenty of clouds during the majority of the day. Today is basically the build up to the rain and heavy showers we expect during the evening and overnight time period.

Anticipate a high of 58 degrees, and winds pushing from the southeast at 5-10 mph. We have a 20% chance of rain during the daytime hours. Tonight is when the showers and thunderstorms are expected to hit our area.

Our chances of rain will rise to nearly 100% for the late night, especially the midnight party hour, so be sure to download the First Alert Weather App to your iPhone or Android. Rain will continue into the early dawn of the first day of 2013. Winds will shift directly out of the south at 10-15 mph.

Tuesday we'll start off the New Year with rainfall that could reach up to three inches in some areas. As the warm front pushes through, a fast moving cold front will immediately follow. The quick developing mixture of warm and cold air will be a bad combination, making for volatile storms likely to occur. Winds will shift to the northwest as the cold front pushes through, changing the 'feel' outside to a very cold rain; followed by below freezing temps.

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