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JSU bootcamp ready to get you in shape

The workouts include a combination of training including cardio, strength, resistance and plyometrics. The workouts include a combination of training including cardio, strength, resistance and plyometrics.
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Experiment Boot camp will kick off on Jackson State University's campus just in time to help you keep your New Year's resolution to shed a few pounds, or simply stay healthy.

One step at a time and with weights in hand, fitness enthusiasts built up a sweat to start working on those New Year's resolutions.

"Hopefully this summer I'll see a six pack that's what I'm shooting for a six pack," said Chiffon Thomas.

Dozens of people are already signed up for Jackson State University's upcoming twelve week fitness frenzy called "The Experiment Bootcamp." It's mapped out to take participants through a variety of unique workouts guaranteed to get you get in shape and have fun.

"We're actually going to do an obstacle course this time flipping tires and swinging a hammer and all that good stuff, said Tyrone Hargro, the Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness for the JSU Walter Payton Center.

Hargro created the program, which is geared towards helping participants stick out their workout goals long after the New Year.

"We encourage each other, we hold each other accountable for missing sessions for cheating on meals and stuff like that," said Hargro.

Since working with Hargro, Cynthia Thompson has lost nearly 80 pounds and no longer struggles with high blood pressure.

"I'm off all medications and I actually learned how to eat right," said Thompson.

In addition to getting a really good workout through this bootcamp, trainers also prepare a weekly nutrition plan for the group. If you follow it, you can lose 3 to 6 pounds every single week.

"If you can eat the food and stay dedicated to eating the weight will fall off," said Thomas.

"The Experiment Bootcamp starts up Monday, January 7th, 2013. The twelve week program will take place Monday through Thursday, two times a day. For more information call the JSU Walter Payton Center at 601-979-1368 or 601-979-1559.

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