Wednesday's Child-Breshundra - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child-Breshundra

There is nothing harder for siblings than being separated, especially during this time of year. A few months ago we talked with 12 year old Milton who is the oldest of a sibling group of five. This week we talk with one of his four sisters, 10 year old Breshundra. They have been featured several times and nothing would be better to celebrate the Holiday season than to find a forever family.

We first met the children 2 years ago at Pump It Up. Breshundra talked with us about her twin sister, Lashundra.

"I love her. Do you? Do you guys do lots of things together? Yes, we play", said Breshundra.

Breshundra says she never dreamed she would be separated from her twin. She has worked hard to understand why her sisters and brother Milton can't find a home together. But for now she tries to focus on school and being a kid.

"And what is your favorite subject? Math. Why do you like math? Cause it will help you do when you get your education. Very good. So is math the only thing you like? Breshundra nods yes."

She likes to be called Bre Bre, is very affectionate and has a great sense of humor. She is also learning to cook.

"I like to do art. Do you like to draw or paint? Both. Really? What are some of the things you draw and paint? People and like a wedding. Really, so you like weddings? Yes", Breshundra said.

Bre Bre says she wants a family who makes her feel safe, and parents who care about her well being and making sure she does not move again. She is also hoping to get a cell phone.

"Why do you need a cell phone? Cause, cause every Wednesday I'm supposed to call my sister and brother", said Breshundra.

If she does not end up in a home where she can be with her twin or her other siblings it is important to Breshundra that she stays in close contact with them. She says nothing is worth losing her connection to her brother and sisters.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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