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Point of View: When not to drive

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By now, most of you have seen that video message that the department of public safety has been bringing us. It shows a man in a bar well on his way to having one too many. His distraught companion is obviously not impressed.

We later see the blue lights, then him failing the sobriety test, and again her look of anguish. Then he's on his way to jail while she ponders her frustration.

The spot is an effective way to show what can happen when someone has one too many. It also shows something else important: the fact that the man did not offer his keys to his companion and the fact that she did not ask to have them so she could drive.

The tragic consequence of that mistake is far too evident in the terrible loss of 5 youngsters and one adult when the 34-year-old driver crashed into a creek in Neshoba County Saturday Night. He has since been charged with six counts of dui manslaughter.

Too often, so many of us fail to consider the consequences until it's far too late and lives are changed forever.

That's my Point of View.

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