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Skylar Laine greets cancer patients

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

What better way to cheer up than to have a local celebrity greet you and ask about your day?

Mississippi sweetheart Skylar Laine went out to the Hederman Cancer Clinic at Baptist Medical Center Friday morning, to say hello and touch the lives of those going through cancer treatment.

She ran into James Morales in radiation oncology.

"I've got prostate cancer. I had it taken out five years ago," he says.

We asked him how it felt to meet Skylar.

"Oh, that was nice!" he stated.

She greeted Judy Seale near the outpatient infusion area.

"We're one of her biggest fans. We were really disappointed when she didn't win," Seale tells us.

"It means a lot to me because they're the ones who voted for me, they're the ones who got me as far as they did on Idol," Laine says. "I'm so proud to be from Mississippi, proud to represent these people that might not have the biggest voice, but hopefully I can be a voice for them."

Laine has not been touched by cancer in her immediate family, but her grandfather has had two strokes and she understands the physical and emotional strain of long-term illness.

"He already was crippled from when he was younger because he had polio, so it's been hard on our family, but we're blessed to still have him," she says.

Laine was asked about her relationship with Joseph Dominick, who on Thursday pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a hate crime against African Americans. She used to date Dominick. Laine says she has no link to the crimes, and she will pray for his family. 

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