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Walt's Look Around: Junk Yard Artist

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TYLERTOWN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

D. T. Giles calls himself a 'Junk Yard Artist'. What he does is take stuff most folks would throw away and re-arranges it into a more pleasing form.  

Giles, of Tylertown, has gone by his initials all of his life.

"They named me Doris like Johnny Cash's ‘Sue,' so I dropped that Doris," said Giles.

And he's done various things for a living. During a seven year stay in California, he picked up welding as a trade. And when he did, he found an avenue to unleash his artistic side.

"I got a pretty good imagination, I guess," said Giles.

D. T. Is an unusual artist in that he may have created his masterpiece first thing in his artistic career; A two-ton scrap iron rooster that now resides on the lawn in front of his junk yard art shop just east of Tylertown.

Country singer Archie Campbell was the inspiration for the rooster with a song he released back in the 60s.  

"Rojo's his name. He had wrote a song about old Rojo," said Giles.

Rojo has attracted a lot of attention over the years. He was in the newspaper 30 years ago.  

"But old Rojo's been with me," said Giles. "I could have bought a new truck off of him twice."

But D. T. chose to keep him. But he sells lots of his other creations.

Bottle trees are good and, well. most everything moves finally," said Giles.  

D. T. also gets a little thought-y with his art, too.  

"That piece right yonder, I named it ‘Creations.' The good man said let their be light so I got the stars, the moon," said Giles. "And he told man to be creative, so I got wrenches in his hand." 

There are several unfinished as well as completed projects in Mr. Giles shop all of the time. He must think about very little more than his art.  

"No, I think about the women," said Giles.

At 87 years old, he has earned the right to think about whatever he wants to. But it's his art that keeps him young.  

"To me, I entertain myself doing it," said Giles. Talk to myself, talk about what I'm gonna do. Its either do this or sit on it. I don't want to sit down."

And as long as he doesn't sit down, D. T. Giles will keep taking the scrap of the world, and rearranging it into scrappy art.

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