Joel Osteen brings 'A Night of Hope' to Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Joel Osteen brings 'A Night of Hope' to Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Joel and Victoria Osteen, pastors of the largest church in America, are in Jackson for "A Night of Hope."

Friday's event at the Mississippi Coliseum is their first of the year, but they will travel to 10 other cities throughout the year.

Joel Osteen shares words of hope and encouragement to millions through his weekly televised messages. But Friday night, the metro area got the chance to hear him in person.

We sat down with Osteen and his wife Victoria before the big event to hear why they believe their's is a fitting message for a new year.

"Going to start the year off with a big vision expecting to have good things. And sometimes people say that's just being positive but it's not. It's releasing your faith. That's what allows God to work in our lives. When we get up expecting to see his goodness," explained Joel Osteen.

Osteen's messages steer clear of sin or judgement references and instead focus on motivating the audience.

"I think there's enough things pushing people down in life already. Most people already know what they're doing wrong as well. So when they come to one of our services I want to challenge them in their faith but not push them down," he said.

Metro area residents have traveled to Texas to Lakewood Church but "A Night of Hope" brings the Osteens to them.

"It's something when you come to their home, on their turf. They can bring their grandmother or their family members that may never get to houston so that's why we're so excited about being here," said Victoria Osteen.

While Joel Osteen is not the only televanglist out there, his church has grown to become the largest in the country and many follow it from a distance.

"His deliverance is one thing. He gives a practical teaching---one that is very easy to understand and easy for one to relate to. So I think we can usually find ourselves in his messages from day to day," explained Chirvona Frank who attended the event.

Millions see Osteen's messages on his weekly national broadcasts.

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