City crews prepare for potential flooding - - Jackson, MS

City crews prepare for potential flooding

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

An approaching storm system could bring heavy rain to the Capital City, and the threat is prompting officials to take measures to help curb flooding.

Jackson Public Works crews tackled overgrown brush on a storm drain Tuesday on St. Mary Street in Belhaven.  A three-man team worked until nightfall to get ahead of approaching storms and clear blocked drains.

Katherine Wells lives on St. Mary and watched the crew at work. She called the city to report a clogged drain that she says causes major flooding in front of her home.

"We have Lake Wells in front of our house, and we just have waterfront property. We didn't have this problem for maybe 18 years since I've lived here, and this has just happened in the last two I would say," Wells said.

There was more work ahead for the crew farther down the street at Belhaven Creek. A drain and fence there was filled with trash and leaves from the last round of flooding.

"We have superintendents, inspectors, people who are riding the city to look for these particular areas," said Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr.

During an afternoon meeting, the mayor said the city is taking steps to prevent water accumulation especially in flood-prone areas.

He also asked residents to do their part by removing loose items on heir property and along curbs that could flow into the drainage system.

"If residents see items, things that could potentially clog up the drain, a basketball, a football, that's lying on the street, a bucket or something like that then they could remove that," Johnson said.

The City of Jackson has 105 miles of drainage channels and over the next several days city officials say five to six crews will be dispatched throughout the city to identify blocked drains and unclog them.

To report clogged drains call 311 and after 5:30p.m. dial 601-960-1875.

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