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Unusual temperatures for January

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Severe weather swept across the area in late December. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Centreville uprooting trees, knocking down power lines and ripping off roofs.

That was followed by a powerful tornado that wiped out a mobile home in Monticello on Christmas Day.

Since then rain has saturated our area. With the continuous rainfall and sometimes heavy downpours, the question is asked is this weather pattern normal for this time of year?

"We're not far from the Gulf of Mexico. There's a lot of disturbances in the atmosphere that come along and turns those winds from the south, boom, you've got rain. It's not really abnormal at all," National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Stephen Wilkinson said. "It might be a little bit more common, in other words a little bit more rain that normal, a little bit more frequent than normal. But, it's not unusual for it to be wet."

Wilkinson said there was a higher rain percentage in 2012.

"We had about 69.5 inches of rain here at the Jackson airport for the 2012 year. Nearly 15 inches above average," Wilkinson said.

As for the temperatures, WLBT Meteorologist Barbie Bassett said it has been unusual.

"Normally this time of year our high temperatures should be in the mid 50's and several days actually for a few weeks we've had 60's and lower 70's for daytime high temperatures," Bassett said.

"It really varies throughout the year. But, around here just about anytime of year you can have heavy rain. That's why we average over 60 inches of rain a year," Wilkinson said.

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