Girl who lost foot steps back into class - - Jackson, MS

Girl who lost foot steps back into class

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Several weeks ago, 4-year-old Nadya Slocum had her foot amputated after getting hit by a school bus after school. After several weeks of recovery, Nadya has made her way back to the books and into the arms of several familiar faces.

Thursday morning was Nadya's first day back to Pre-K at Walton Elementary School. To make it to her classroom, Nadya was wheeled in a wheelchair by her uncle and her mom by her side. But, don't let the wheelchair fool you though, it's only temporary. Now equipped with a prosthetic left foot, Nadya can walk. She has a little limp, but she made it up the stairs into school and into the arms of her principal just fine.

"You can see she's a little trooper she's very very very strong," said Walton Elementary School Principal Gwen Gardner.

It was the week before Thanksgiving when Nadya stepped off her school bus and into the path of another bus. Nadya's injuries resulted in her left foot being amputated. Both bus drivers involved lost their jobs.

"Things happen and you lost your job, I hate that, but my baby lost her foot and she has to adjust to that for the rest of her life too," said Nadya's mom, Natasha Slocum.

Slocum said Nadya's physical adjustments have been difficult to accept, but she's thrilled to see her daughter getting back into the swing of things.

"Tomorrow it marks two weeks that she had her prosthetic in, she's been doing real good and she's been up walking, riding her bike and everything," said Slocum.

The little girl is full of energy, but Nadya was a bit bashful and didn't say much when we talked to her. Slocum believes her daughter has accepted the accident and she's not letting anything get in her path.

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