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Repairs planned for Fuel Time gas tanks

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After several customers at a Fuel Time gas station in Jackson claimed their vehicles broke down after being filled with fuel from the business, large amounts of water was found mixed in with the gasoline. 

The gas station is located at Highway 80 and Terry Road, and many Tuesday morning customers say their vehicles didn't get very far before breaking down. Customers say water was mixed in the gas they were pumping in their cars.

Repairs are in the works for the tanks Wednesday morning, and store owners say they are hopeful the pumps will be back in working order by later in the day. Restoration to the pumps, however, must be approved by the Department of Agriculture, which visited the station Tuesday.

Andy Prosser, Deputy Commissioner from the Department of Agriculture, says the department was at Fuel Time early Tuesday morning testing the fuel levels. Ultimately, he says the customers are right, although he can't confirm that the numerous car problems are a direct result of the water.

What Prosser can confirm, however, is that one inch of water was present inside the diesel tank at the time of testing, along with a "significant amount" of water in the main underground tank at the station.

The gas station owners did not want to make a statement, but say they have contacted their insurance company.

No water was found in the premium tank, Prosser adds. He says it is possible the problem is a leak underground, but the department is investigating. All pumps, except the premium tank, have been shut off for sale as of Tuesday morning.

No other issues have been reported at other Fuel Time locations.

If you pumped gas at Fuel Time and believe you have a problem, you can contact the Department of Agriculture at 601-359-1100.

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