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ONLY ON 5: One-on-one with Mayor Greg Davis

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(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis announced he is no longer running for another term as mayor.  In an exclusive interview with Action News 5, Davis cited legal troubles, his coming out, and his divorce as a few reasons for not running.

"It's one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make in my life cause for the last 20 plus years that's all I've known," Southaven Mayor Greg Davis said.

After serving in the state legislature and 16 years as Mayor of Southaven, Davis said that he has decided not to run for another term as mayor.

"There comes a time when the best interests of the city and myself and my family, my daughters more particularly has to come into play," Davis said.

For more than one year Davis has been plagued by legal problems. 

Just last month, a DeSoto County grand jury indicted Davis on charges that include embezzlement. 

For the past year he has been under investigation by the state auditor for travel expenses and his ex-wife took him to court over child support and other issues. Davis said it didn't affect his job as mayor.

"Even if you look back at the last 12 months our record will prove nothing has slowed down," Davis said.

He said a lot of people still want him to run again for mayor.  And during the interview, Davis even read a long list of his accomplishments as mayor.

"There comes a time I guess for 46 years I have done what other people wanted me to do," Davis said.  "The new chapter I can say will be for myself, my partner and my family and we will do what we want to do regardless of the public's perception."

Davis also talked about the pain he endured keeping the secret that he is gay.

"I had a clear choice," Davis said.  "It's a secret, I get reelected. I have the financial means to take care of my family."

Davis said he plans to write a book about politics and about being the only openly gay elected official in Mississippi.

"The internal struggles of being gay," Davis said.  "Let's face it, problems that it may cause in your private and personal lives and business life." 

Davis said he was fortunate to get help through counseling and financial support from his father.

"One of my biggest concerns is people without financial resources to get that professional help," Davis said.

He said his decision to not run for mayor does not mean he will stop working.  He said he plans to work just as hard as mayor until his term is up in June and he will push forward projects he has already started.

Davis also talked more about what it all means for his family, his partner and his future.

Janice Broach will have that report, Thursday on Action News 5 at 5 p.m.

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