Metro preps for snow - - Jackson, MS

Metro preps for snow

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Areas north of Jackson have been icy this week, but early Thursday morning, Mother Nature could dust the metro with snow.

"In an area of the state that doesn't see a lot of snow. People will be curious. They'll get out and I think we just want them to be safe. Be careful. Enjoy it, it'll be pretty I think," said Mississippi Emergency Management Director Robert Latham.

Because the snow won't fall until the wee hours of the morning, morning commuters will be first in line to see it.

"If the temperatures drop below freezing and we've still got moisture on the roads then snow on top of that, you actually could not see the ice underneath. And that's one of the more treacherous conditions you can have if that happens," explained Latham.

The National Weather Service says the area will likely be upgraded to a heavy snow warning. That means snow would come down at more than an inch an hour.

"I think if there is any good news in this is many of the areas where the snow is going to be the heaviest have not had freezing temperatures. So the roadways should remain relatively clear expect for some over-passes and bridges," Latham said.

That's where MDOT comes in. Their trucks are loaded and ready to roll.

"Watching the temperatures, we know if the temperature drops to 32 degrees and the roadways are wet, they're going to ice over. We'll have supervisors out monitoring the roadways before and during if that do happen," said Donald Wash, MDOT Maintenance Supervisor.

Bridges and over-passes would be the first to get a dose of the salt and rock mixture if needed.

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