Recent weather is increasing potholes in the metro - - Jackson, MS

Recent weather is increasing potholes in the metro

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hitting a pothole can be a rattling experience for the car and driver.

Each varies in size and shape but they all seem to sprout the same way, with a lot of rain or snow.

"It causes more moisture to seep into cracks or so forth and causes the subsoils to expand when they are thawing and the temperature continues to rise or fall," explained Jackson's Infrastructure Manager Darion Warren.

He says traffic also plays a role with pothole problems. Each time a car hits a pothole, pieces of the asphalt break apart.

The winter months can also make it difficult to get hot mix asphalt, material needed to make a more permanent repair.

Instead crews have to use what is called a cold mix.

"Cold mix is somewhat of a temporary fix. It does not last as long as a hot mix asphalt repair. So, that poses a challenge to us," said Warren.

Cold mix is used when the ground is wet and crews would not be able to use a hot mix repair. 

With water remaining in potholes and along the side of the road, Warren warns the situation may get a little more bumpy before things are smoothed out.

"While that water is in that pothole it does play an effect on the continued growth of that pothole or the expansion of that pothole," explained Warren.

To report a pothole in Jackson you can call 311 or call the Pothole Hotline at 601-960-7684.

The city guarantees to fix a pothole within three business days of receiving the report from a citizen.

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