Pearl Police do 'cow patrol' on Interstate 20 - - Jackson, MS

Pearl Police do 'cow patrol' on Interstate 20

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you passed a mini cattle roundup on Interstate 20 this afternoon, you were not dreaming. Pearl Police were called to an area near the Airport Road exit to wrangle some cows that got into eastbound traffic.

"Livestock gets spooked by the car noises and the speed of the cars and the horns being blown and stuff like that and so they get scared like we would if we were in a dangerous situation. So, they really don't know what to do," said Tim Sarrett with Pearl Emergency Operations.

No car crashes were reported because of the cows, and by round 3 PM, police were able to get the them onto a side road and away from the interstate. Traffic flow has returned to normal.

The owner's name is not known, but it's believed the cows came from a local pasture.

In Brandon, there was a similar situation when a cow was discovered roaming near Pepsi Bottling. Deputies called in additional assistance and were able to rope the cow and take him in safely.

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