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Rising flood waters threaten some areas of Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Now that the rain has finally ended, some areas along the Pearl River are being threatened by rising waters. The river has risen three feet above flood stage at Jackson which is 28 feet, and reservoir officials say it could go even higher.

The outflow from the gates at the Barnett Reservoir will likely have to be increased, in the near future, to get the flood water out of the big 33,000 acre lake and send it down the river. Right now they are storing water at the reservoir.  

Reservoir Manager John Sigman says it might be necessary to drive the river up to 33 feet on the Jackson gauge, but a decision on that is yet to be made.

"We do not raise the river without absolutely having to," said Sigman. "We know for example, at 33 feet on the Jackson gauge, there is water in Julienne street and water in Hightower."

Sixty-nine-year-old Danny Petty, who lives on the river just off of Rosemary Road, east of Terry, is somewhat relieved. He has only lived there about two years and believed the road to his home would flood at 31 feet on the Jackson gauge. But it has reached 31 feet and the road is still not in the water.

"This is much better," said Petty. "I feel comfortable now."

The river has to get up to about 33 feet at Jackson to come into the P and J Auto Repair Shop on Offut Street, off of south West Street, and that is the first Jackson building that will flood.

There are some houses on stilts at Byram that could be surrounded and cause residents to get there by boat if the river continues to rise.

Four families on Rosemary Road are carefully watching the river rise, hoping the road does not go under water, which would cause them to have to use boats.

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