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Walt's Look Around: Haunted car radio

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CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are lots of things to see in South West Mississippi. Take Claiborne County for instance. There's always the churches of Port Gibson; the Catholic Church with its cobalt blue windows and the Presbyterian Church with the hand pointing toward heaven.

And then the drawing card in the county is the Windsor Ruins, probably the grandest mansion in the Old South, now it is just 26 brooding columns.  

Well, Al Kellogg and his wife Joann, from Saucier in Harrison County, had been touring the area and had just spent the night at Isabella, a B&B in Post Gibson.

And at breakfast one of the owners, Bobbie Pennix, told them of the friendly spirits they have living in the house and how they like to play tricks on guests, sometimes even after they leave. 

Well, Al and Joann headed out to the ruins of Windsor and stopped to take snapshots of the Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church at the Overlook on the way. And it was when they started back up that the strange music began to play in their car radio speakers.  

"As we travel we often take a CD with us of a book," said Al Kellogg. "Well we got back in the car to continue out to the ruins, which was another seven or eight miles. I heard a noise behind me. I assumed it was a vehicle coming with a boom box."

"Well, the noise, which was some sort of music, began to get louder and louder and before long it overpowered the book we were listening to," added Kellog. "So reached over and punched the FM channel. The music continued. We looked at each other, and the hair on the back of my neck began to stand up. I said, ‘I'm turning this thing off.' I reached over and hit the off button and the music continued."

"And my wife, she commented and I looked at her kinda funny. 'Isabella,' she said, 'You can't go with us. You'll lose your home!' And shortly after that the music faded out almost like it had faded in." 

Bobbie Pennix of the Isabella B&B in Port Gibson isn't surprised.

"So they came back by to tell us about that but I wasn't surprised at all," said Pennix.

Well, so what do you think it was? Was it a ghost? Or just a mal-functioning car radio?

I don't know. But it makes a pretty good story.

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