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Making a Difference: Roy Puckett

LONG BEACH, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Roy Puckett, who lives in Long Beach on the coast, fills needs in his area by volunteering.

Puckett is 71-years-old and since he retired, he is pretty much a regular when there is a house fire. As a representative of the Red Cross he immediately helps a bewildered family who has no idea what to do next.  

"I'm able to take care of them," said Puckett. "I'm able to get them somewhere safe to sleep. I'm able to get them some food to eat and to replace some of the clothing and things they have lost during this disaster."

Roy also works one day a week as a volunteer at the memorial hospital, helping keep families informed about the progress of patients during procedures. And he works in the prison ministry called Kairos Outside.

"Kairos Outside is a ministry for women of incarcerated persons," said Puckett.

"Kairos Outside introduces these women to each other and helps them form support groups. It's tough on family members to have someone in jail.  

"And the ones on the outside are serving just as hard or maybe harder time that the ones on the inside," added Puckett.

"Why does Roy Puckett do so much volunteer work? Well, it's to benefit others, of course. But Roy has discovered a secret. He's doing this for himself, too.

"I get self-satisfaction. I go to sleep every night feeling good that I've helped somebody," said Puckett. "And you can only sit and watch TV so long and then the first thing you see is your health go away. It makes you feel good. You gotta get up and you gotta go and you do things and I just volunteer wherever I can and do things to make you feel good and I'll do this until I can't walk, I guess."

And it sounds like by keeping active volunteering, it will be a lot longer time before that happens.

So volunteers like Roy Puckett really do make a big difference in the lives of people they help. But it sounds like the biggest difference they make may be to themselves.

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